On Another Note…

NCS Attorney Cindy Lasher has been involved in music for as long as she can remember.  Starting with guitar lessons at age 6, then moving on to piano and voice lessons as she grew up, she has always had a love of music.  Cindy has been a part of St. Christopher Church's choir since 2003.  In August, St. Chris's music ministry released an album titled Sacred Land in honor of the retirement of their long-time pastor, Fr. Mike Welch.  Cindy is featured as a soloist in one of the choir pieces on the CD.

Cindy's involvement with music in Indianapolis also includes volunteering with the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, which is known as The Olympics of the Violin.  This incredible competition brings talented young violinists from across the globe to Indianapolis for three weeks, and the winner is given a cash prize, the use of a Stradivarius for four years, and assistance with launching their musical careers.  Cindy was a part of the committee that planned the Opening Ceremonies for this competition.

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