Norris Choplin Schroeder Attorney Provides Legal Services to the Needy

For more than ten years, NCS partner Joe Maguire has volunteered for the Homeless Legal Aid Project, which helps homeless members of our community obtain pro bono legal advice.  Several times during each year, Joe volunteers at one of the Homeless Legal Aid Project facilities in Indianapolis and provides legal advice to residents. 

The Homeless Legal Aid Project is different from other pro bono legal services because the volunteer attorneys, like Joe, are encouraged to follow through with the advice for the clients and not merely discuss the legal issues on a one-time basis.   The Homeless Legal Aid Project’s clients range in age and gender.  However, many of the clients have families who live with them in facilities for the homeless. 

Joe describes this volunteer work for the Homeless Legal Aid Project as “a rewarding experience that provides some legal help to individuals who are really in need of so many services.”  Joe spends the majority of his volunteer hours at the Holy Family Shelter, the Julian Center, and the Salvation Army.

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