NCS Partner Successfully Represents National Fraternity as Amicus Curiae

Cynthia Lasher, partner at NCS, was a part of the legal team successfully representing the Theta Chi national fraternity as amicus curiae in Smith v. Delta Tau Delta, Inc.  The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the national organization of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity could not be held liable for the alleged actions of a local fraternity chapter that resulted in the wrongful death of a freshman pledge candidate.  As a national fraternal organization, Theta Chi had a significant interest in the outcome of this case. Theta Chi retained Lasher as well as attorneys from a California firm to represent the organization as amicus curiae.  Lasher was able to guide the team through her knowledge of the Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure and her previous experience in Indiana appellate courts.  Ultimately, the Court correctly interpreted Indiana law in holding that the national chapter of the fraternity is not liable for the local chapter’s actions or inactions.  This decision does not affect the ongoing lawsuit against the local chapter and other defendants.

Lasher’s retention by Theta Chi and the successful outcome of the case reflect a high regard for her work locally and nationally as well as the quality of her appellate advocacy skills.  NCS congratulates her and Theta Chi on the successful outcome in this case.

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