• Worker’s Comp TTD Rules Still Apply When Employee Voluntarily Terminates Employment

    Gordon v. Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana, 53 N.E.3d 477 (Ind. Ct. App. 2016)
    In November of 2007, William Gordon, an employee of Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana, suffered a work-related injury that affected his shoulder and neck.

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  • City of Beech Grove v. Beloat, 50 N.E.3d 135 (Ind. 2016)

    Limitations to the Application of ITCA’s Discretionary Function Immunity Provision

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  • Non-Delegable Duties and Questions of Fact

    The Indiana Court of Appeals recently decided Myers v. Bremen Casting, Inc., 2016 WL 5404318 (Ind. Ct. App., Sept. 28, 2016) regarding the liability of premises owners to the employees of independent contractors.

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  • Goodwin v. Yeakle’s Sports Bar and Grill, Inc.

    The concept of foreseeability and its application to both the duty and proximate cause elements of negligence has flummoxed law students and practitioners alike since the heady days of Justice Cardozo and Palsgraf.

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  • Indiana Supreme Court Decides Patchett v. Lee

    In this groundbreaking case, the Indiana Supreme Court reversed the holding of the trial court and Court of Appeals and held that a factfinder may hear evidence of the reduced amounts a provider accepts as full payments, even if the payer is a government healthcare program, like HIP.

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