About Our Firm

Because your legal needs deserve a sound strategy, we staff matters with teams of attorneys who have the skill, knowledge and experience to deliver the highest caliber of representation.

We don’t let egos get in the way of providing you with quality legal representation. We understand that strength is in strategy and value a collective effort as much as individual success.

Established in 1980, Norris Choplin Schroeder LLP is an AV rated law firm located in Indianapolis. Our attorneys serve individuals, businesses, governmental entities, insurance companies and their insureds across the Midwest in a variety of industries and legal practice areas. Since its inception, Norris Choplin Schroeder has embraced an approach that values quality over quantity. We maximize every billable hour to effectively advance the interests of our clients through negotiation, mediation, trial and appeals.

We believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance and model that to our attorneys and personnel. Balancing our professional and our personal lives keeps us grounded. It also helps us understand that what is at stake for a client is often far more complex than the legal issue at hand.